Spring Yield


Spring Yield

Songbirds harmonize and launch the event,
spring yields to summer throughout the terrain.
Changes are as countless as drops of rain.
Honeysuckles intoxicate with scent,
even the golden ones already spent.
A jovial time befalls field and lane;
a baby robin sheds its egg membrane.
Mowed grass brings on sneezing or was that mint?
Spring bows to summer and thus ends her chase.
Sturdy oaks don their shiniest green leaves
paving the way for the seasonal race.
Rushing streams propel over rocks like sieves.
Summer does not lean; she glides straight with grace
but changes fluid to steam just to tease.

©2014 Brenda Bishop Blakey

Words from The Sunday Whirl: sturdy, scent, propel, chase, terrain, fluid, paving, launch, countless, field, lean, jovial

Image: ©2014 Brenda Bishop Blakey

10 thoughts on “Spring Yield

  1. I think I would like to meet summer..she sounds warm and hearty..this flowed wonderfully..like warm water over the toes..and honeysuckle..would love to smell that again!


  2. Oh, those last two lines are so delightful! They roll right off the tongue so pleasurably! (I almost always read poems aloud.) Thank you.


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