Meme Maker

tintype 1850s

Meme Maker

Rick-roll culture,
rick-roll grandma down the hill.
Meme maker, meme maker,
make her a meme, tell them a lie.
Tell it, tell it every day.
Tell it, tell it real good.
Create a hate room—don’t keep it simple.
Go for it, just short of blood.
Drag grandma through the rain
‘till her clothes are ragged.
Keep the old gal blind to your mission.
Don’t use her name—use an image to represent her.
Or, better, use her image but change her head to
a roach, a sloth, or a bitter biker with a beef.
The past ghosts of hate are watching you,
You—a future ghost of hate.
Grandma still loves you, reminds you to wear
your special hate cape,
wear it around your arms,
tie it around your neck.
Reminds you to blow out the candle
in the window, careful least your
cape catch fire.

© 2014 BBlakey

Words from The Sunday Whirl Wordle #168: blind, simple, ghosts, ragged, image, blood, cape, mission, rain, arms, candle, hill

Image from Magpie Tales Blogspot, Mag #227, Tintype 1850s