Ocean View


Ocean View

She escapes her city stress by going to the beach,

leaves behind the full spectrum of madness,

the rushed thoughts and rampant greed.

She forgets all about love

but the sea is a relentless suitor;

he leaves his hat upon the stoop,

a delicate excuse to stop by again and again.

She only means to stay long enough to rejuvenate,

just long enough for cupboard food to taste bland

and her skin to change from dough to tan.

Ignored calendar pages roll up in the moist salty air

reclaiming the grain from which they were forged.

The coast awakens some innate memory

from a subliminal space—a reminder,

she was born of elements such as these.

She remembers where she cached her secrets,

the ones too personal to tell the wind,

and now, so armed, she can take to the city

to become disillusioned once again.


Brenda Bishop Blakey



Words from the sundaywhirl: bland, forged, rejuvenate, stress, innate, delicate,relentless, space, coast, hat, rampant, spectrum