“The heavens are vast and there is room for all the shiny people.” ~B.Blakey


Lies break us.
Lies eclipse the truth.

We are broken pieces of a lackluster mirror
unable to find the light.
We are but hairs and dust coughed
from the throat of a cat with six toes.
We are the expired, clipped coupons kept in
the cheaply manufactured purse of
a cheeky woman with the one eye gone lazy.
We are lost on a hike with the pious man who has
one leg shorter than the other and leads us in a circle.
We are the uncaring bystanders who ignore
the girl with the gimp arm shot during a drive-by.
We are the tellers, believers, perpetuators
of millions of lies in a world that honors liars.
Yet the lies divide us.

Lies eclipse the truth.
And we applaud.

© 2014 BBlakey

Words from The Sunday Whirl, Wordle #169: eclipse, piece, throat, shot, honors, lackluster,
side, cheeky, manufactured, millions, hike, room

Image: Solar Eclipse, October 3, 2005 courtesy of Wikipedia