Cautionary Tale

Our lives were boring. We had tamed the humans and they were so predictable. Mew at them and they either petted us or fed us. Note, as a last resort, the creatures realized that the box probably really did need cleaning. Completely unreliable at language interpretation, they were.

Then came the elves. Totally wretched creatures and rather petite with hairy toes, no, not like Hobbits’. Still, we were quite excited for a while. But, naturally, the damn humans killed them all off. Half of them said there weren’t any elves and the other half conducted elf sighting tail-gating parties. For a while it was quite stirring and our cat population was energized. It was a golden age of turbulence. Very aMEWsing.

It was the wearing of the cat’s-paw around the neck which doomed the little buggers. Part of me still wonders what might have transpired if the elves had been slightly less vicious. Even to this day I still feel scratchy just thinking about it. Well, I must dart. Think I just saw something slip under the sofa.