Dark Phase

Dark Phase

Dark Phase

Somewhere in Kenya the ninety-third elephant of the day has its tusks hacked out. A thin man named Nigel is praying for the animal’s spirit while he wipes blood from a scratch on his arm. There is little light present. No glint on his knife. He wears a cross inside his shirt, a secret key. But his efforts mean there will be food for his sons.

Down Texarkana way a two-step, hat wearing, boot-scootin’ suitcase raider just scooped up another woman’s castoffs. It feels good to attach herself to a man. She’s drinking single grain and callin’ up the other woman and boasting. She’s dancing now but the music is playing backwards. She believes she will never die.

The guy admitted he had no mind for science. His approach was ‘level up and levitate, baby, trust a player to show you how.’ Each and every day he set out to scintillate and seduce a womanly creature. When asked about the gun, he said, “Nah, I uh, I just keep it around for protection. I’m more like Tupac, and that’s the truth.”

People everywhere are facing a moral dilemma. Light a candle, burn incense, read tarot and the stars, rub your lucky rabbit foot, kiss a blood penny quick as you can. Look to nature, look to God, all lost in a dreadful plague. Got to get back to the garden before it’s too late. Tie bitter herb upside down and hang in the pantry. Leave the door open just in case.

©2014 BBlakey

Words from two consecutive weeks of The Sunday Whirl
~Wordle #166: dark, praying, tarot, dancing, seduce, creature, gun, plague, penny, blood, levitate, dreadful, kiss
~Wordle #167: approach, key, each, grain, single, scratch, phase, player, present, glint, level, attach

Image: A Game of Patience by Mr. Meredith Frampton, 1937 (as posted to: The Magpie Tales, Mag 226)