taylor elizabeth giant

In those days, the sunshine days, we were always driving west, always driving toward something magnetic and mysterious. In those days we ate the road and belched the scenery, our car engine a great thrasher of grain, our tires like rolling pins.

With the east behind us and the sounds of our jumbled lives fading like a radio signal crackling beyond its limit, we would break down and disclose our failings. We had heard of the American Dream and we so wanted that bliss. We wanted life without irritation; our appetites knew no limit.

Maybe there really was gold in the hills, just around the bend, or one lane over. We stopped for a case of beer and two jugs of water, last stop before California. We would keep our eye on the road and drive straight through.

And when we arrived we would dye our hair with Flamboyant Blonde #33. And, because we knew no other way, we would build our lives out of spare parts from points A to Z. That’s how we planned to do it, to lasso the American Dream.


© 2014 BBlakey


Words from two consecutive weeks of The Sunday Whirl: bend, east, lane, limit, case, grain, sound, parts, straight, water, eye, way, irritation, sound, disclose, bliss, last, signal, appetite, sun, flamboyant, jumbled, point, tire

Image: “Giant” Elizabeth Taylor, as posted to Magpie Tales, Mag 231