Conflict Analysis



Upon first impression it seemed like a conflict of two offensives; the ever raging feud between the Hatfails and the Marcoys which began before you and I showed up and will continue long after we are gone.

In order to discourage the brilliant newcomers, each camp was always claiming victory and credit for; trespassing, bombing, hacking, hi-jacking, abducting, raping, imprisoning, surveillance, break-ins, invasions, monitoring, stalking (cyber and otherwise), not to mention the theft of and publication of proprietary documents and credit card numbers as well as the raw video footage from the toilet cams.

Historians already point to the lawless 2012 skirmishes as distractions and possible explanations as to why there was no Pulitzer in fiction awarded that year and further why the perpetrators failed to pull off the coup they desperately dreamed about.

Little writing was going on because this era birthed the micro, the mini, the nano, the vignette, the brief, the flash, the alt, the lit, the snack—like a morsel broken off from something substantial, something real, but not quite the thing itself.

Of course the thing itself was always and will continue to be above the collision/collusion of those small-minded warring factions which give maximum credence to the ageless adage: The pen is mightier than the sword but not mightier than the hacker.

© 2014 BBlakey

Disclaimer: This is a fiction wrenched from the recesses of my creative imagination.

Photo Lillie McFerrin’s Five Sentence Fiction. Prompt word: Conflict

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